You only live one, but if you do it right, once is enough

You only live one, but if you do it right, once is enough

There are many ways to live in this world, and it is up to each person to choose how to live. We cannot predict the future; all that matters is what is occurring right now. Don’t be too worried about your choice; whether or not it produces the results you expect will be decided by our efforts.

“In life, there are many opportunities. There is no such thing as a good or wrong choice since each option leads to a different set of options. “The path you are on is the consequence of a lot of decisions.”

When you take responsibility for your acts and face the repercussions of your choices, you are mature. Always be willing to acknowledge and correct your mistakes. Remember that you own your life and that the only way for each of us to find our own worth is to live it. Allow no one to direct your life; instead, follow your heart’s lead.

Life is not as easy and bright as it seems in movies and novels; real life is a kaleidoscope of pink and darkness. There will be many roadblocks on the path to the summit of accomplishment that will serve to discourage us from giving up everything. However, don’t give up too quickly since the road to success is not only paved with flowers, but also with hurdles that you must overcome. Regardless matter how bad things become in your life, you must remain strong in the face of them. Because buried behind those difficulties, God has prepared a gift especially for us.

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